Email Support & Cloud Hosting in Darwin and the entire Northern Territory

For all your cloud hosting and email support needs in Darwin and surrounds, choose the company that so many others choose, BorjaTEC.

Why Choose BorjaTEC for your email and cloud hosting?

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    Save Money

    Pay only for what you need with competitively-priced monthly fees. If you have five staff, pay only for five email addresses. If you have a small business website, pay only for the small amount of hosting space you use.

    With both email and cloud hosting, there’s no need to constantly pay for any software, saving you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per year.

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    Safe and Secure

    Even if something happens to your computer, your cloud-hosted emails and website will still be safe and secure because they’re not stored on your computer, they’re safe ‘in the cloud’, which means they’re offsite on our own secure server.

    Our email hosting and cloud hosting utilises cutting-edge security to ensure hackers struggle to hack! Unfortunately, hundreds of emails get hacked on a daily basis, and this is purely due to lack of security.

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    Cloud hosting relies on a large network of servers, which means if one server goes down, your data will not be affected.

Cloud hosting and Email support

Cloud hosting can seem like a complex concept, however, if you understand how Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo mail work, then you understand how Cloud Hosting works as well.

For example, when you want to check your Gmail messages, you log into your Gmail account and access your mail. The mail is not stored on your computer or on a server you have at your premises, it’s stored remotely on a virtual server away from you – like a ‘cloud’. That’s cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can host email addresses, websites, software and more.

We are the specialists in cloud hosting and email support. All our hosting services are:

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Fully covered by our own support

At BorjaTEC we offer hosted exchange, which is a fully featured email solution.

Looking for Cloud Hosting and Email support in Darwin and all of the Northern Territory? For expert advice, call BorjaTEC for a friendly, obligation-free quote on 08 8941 3100.