Disaster Recovery Planning in Darwin and Northern Territory

Are you worried that a disaster could spell disaster for your business? You’re right to be concerned…

A disaster can be the downfall of your business. It can leave you without records, company files, emails, financial information and accounting programs.

Aside from the fact that this could bring your business to its knees, it also means you’re non-compliant for record keeping purposes, which creates other debilitating problems for your business.  

How does a BorjaTEC Disaster Recovery Plan work?

In simple terms, we regularly replicate every single piece of data you have on your computers and servers, and in the unfortunate event of a disaster, we simply and seamlessly reload the replicated data.

From our end, this is a comprehensive, technical process involving a number of ongoing, regular steps and systems surrounding backup, installation and protection. However, this doesn’t negatively impact you because much of it is done quietly and remotely in the background, with occasional onsite visits

Disaster Recovery Plans: An affordable investment

Our Disaster Recovery Plans are competitively-priced. They are an investment in your business, should the unthinkable happen.

Disaster. It can happen any day, any time. And it doesn’t just mean cyclones and floods.

Disaster doesn’t have to mean floods and cyclones, a disaster can be an event like a power blackout or having your network corrupted by a virus.

Without a disaster recovery plan you are at risk of losing your most critical business files, information and data.

Need a data Disaster Recovery plan for your business in Darwin or anywhere in the Northern Territory? For expert, friendly and competitively-priced Disaster Recovery Plans, call us for a friendly, obligation-free quote on 08 8941 3100.