Computer Data Recovery in the Northern Territory

Are you panicking because you think you’ve lost all your documents, files and photos (in other words, your data)?

Have you accidentally deleted data and want to get it back?

Have you formatted your drive and lost your data?

Has your computer suffered water damage and now it’s hard for you to access files?

Have you lost files and data from a USB?

Data Recovery is a delicate business. Here’s why you should trust BorjaTEC.

At BorjaTEC we can retrieve your data using specialised equipment, and in most cases, we can recover your data successfully. Whether you’re a business or home computer user, bring your computer or storage device to our premises.

Reasons for data loss: Power surge or power failure; Computer viruses; Hardware failure; Accidental deletion and drive formatting; Water damage; Corrupt firmware; Dropped drive

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    Confidentiality & Privacy

    Your data is both priceless and private. We are a company with staff of the highest integrity, and we are proud of our untarnished reputation. Your confidentiality is a priority for us.

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    Out of hours assistance

    There’s never a good time to lose your data, but the worst time is out of hours when everyone has closed their doors for the day. We have a flexible out-of-hours business service to assist during those panicked moments when others have gone home.

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    Service with a smile

    At your most panicked hour, you want your IT support technician to be calm and friendly. We understand it’s a stressful situation, and we’ll retrieve your data as quickly, efficiently and warmly as possible.

Lost your files? Need an IT support person in Darwin and the entire Northern Territory who can retrieve your lost data? Call BorjaTEC on 08 8941 3100.